Bity is the featured pet for September!

Hello, I’m Bitty & here’s just a bit-ty about me: Song that best describes me? The Love Cats….because I’m so wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully pretty aaaand I love people so very much. I’m the official greeter at my foster home & I want to get to know everyone that comes to visit. I really enjoy a scratch and a pet and I will follow you just about anywhere to keep them coming. I’ll also hang out with you in the bathroom as you get ready for the day.

Along with being so friendly & outgoing, I’m silky, petite and ladylike. I’m often told I’m a velcro-kitty because I love to snuggle with my humans for quiet time. I also adore my very best friend in the whole world, her name is Costco & we’ve always been together so we’ll need to be adopted together.

All the regular good stuff applies here: I use a litter box appropriately, I’m not a picky (as long as you don’t try to give me milk, cat treats or seafood…yuck) and I’m friendly with kids. I do not like dogs though so please no dogs in my forever home.

All CAWS animals are fixed, microchipped, and vaccinated. If you are interested in adopting a CAWS pet, please fill out an online application at