Mango and Tikka


There’s a new power couple in town, ladies and gentlemen. Let me introduce you to Mango and Tikka, a mother and daughter duo. It’s only appropriate that these girls have names that conjure up images of exotic spices and flavors. Their hair is the color of spiced pumpkin chai, and they want to be the life of your party. Mango is 4 years old and short-haired, and Tikka is 1 year old with the gorgeous wild patch of long hair down her neck. Tikka is a little more shy and timid than her mama, but they’ve both come out of their shells so much since being in their foster home. They now love running around with their foster siblings, and they’re always playful and affectionate with each other. Whether they’re playing in the backyard or snuggling in bed, wherever you find one, you’re sure to find the other. These two share a very precious bond. They’ll be the first to get in line to greet you when you come through the door, and they’ll anxiously await your return when you leave. They shadow their foster mom constantly. They want nothing more than to be on you or near you from the moment you sit down. Their favorite time of day is getting into bed to sleep with you. They win the award for best snugglers. These girls came from a hoarding situation, and they are so grateful for their newfound comforts and all the attention they’re receiving. They just love to nuzzle their foster mom and each other. Because of their previous living situation, they are just now learning about potty training. But, they are very motivated by food and positive reinforcement. A home that will be extremely gentle and patient with them, and a home without small children, is a must. They’ve also been getting exposure to lots of new experiences, like shopping in stores, farmers markets, and hiking. They’re a little more wary of men (especially Tikka), but they’re becoming more and more trusting with time. If you’re looking for double the affection, and double the fun, these are the girls for you.

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