Molly is the featured pet for August!

Our Molly girl is now 8 years old, perfect 40 pound weight, Australian Shepherd. She is utterly the sweetest, purest heart, gentle dog you could ever ask for. She is like the middle child; you don’t even know she’s there. She lies on the floor in a bed minding her own business, occasionally coming to you for a pet or love. She does come when it’s feeding time though. Molly is diabetic and we’ve got her insulin dose figured out. A couple blood tests show she’s doing well, no other worries. Molly knows sit and shake. She is such a smart girl! And did I mention she gives the GREATEST kisses? She is house and crate trained. Molly gets along wonderfully with all 4 legged doggies, big and small, male and female. I think we’ve cat tested her and she doesn’t mind cats either. Molly doesn’t show any signs of arthritis or limping, whew. She is trusted to be left out in the house during the day while her 4 legged people work or run errands. We’ve taken Molly to the eye ophthalmologist. She does have cataracts so is on a daily eye drop. Not the best of sight but she isn’t blind either and gets around wonderfully.

Diabetes is very manageable and not too expensive. She gets WD prescription dog food twice a day and an insulin shot after each meal. A piece of chicken is her treat. She is such a trooper to get her shots. Diabetes sounds scary but it really isn’t, it’s just a commitment. Please email to meet this beautiful, innocent girl. We know she’ll steal your heart like she has stolen ours!

All CAWS animals are fixed, microchipped, and vaccinated. Her adoption fee is $150. If you are interested in adopting a CAWS pet, please fill out an online application at